Bronze Art

Высота 34 см, ширина 14 см, глубина 8 см
Год создания: 2019

Описание скульптуры

It is believed that Sea Horse is a favorite of the god Poseidon and is a symbol of money, wealth and prosperity.
Impressive bronze decor for your home, your summer house near the coast., Living room or above the fireplace.
Animal bronze sculpture is a perfect corporate gift for office.
This Metal bronze sculpture is a great gift idea for a loved one, wedding or anniversary.
Sea Horse brings peace and comfort of home and family.

Approximate size:
- 34/14/8 cm
- 13,4/5.5/3,1 inches

Weight 1.4 kg/3.3 lbs

The bronze sculpture is cast by means of a special dental technology unknown to the academic painters - it's one of the reasons why it is considered to be unique. A special unique stone was sought and selected for each of the sculptures, which adds uniqueness to the work. This sculpture technology cannot be copied, reproduced or otherwise put into circulation, making it additionally unique and especially valuable.
My creation will be an artistic highlight in your home and will enjoy the admiration of your guests.

Работа «Bronze Art», Скульптура в стиле Абстракционизм, Круглая, Высота 34 см, ширина 14 см, глубина 8 см.


horse, house, nautical, anniversary.

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Ольга Якушева
Ольга Якушева
02 октября 2020, 07:00
Изящно смотрится. Создается впечатление эффекта старины, как будто скульптуре несколько веков.