Испанский поцелуй /Spanish kiss

Холст на подрамнике
Высота 120 см, ширина 160 см
Наличие рамы: нет
Наличие паспарту: нет
Год создания: 2021

Описание картины

The painting «Spanish Kiss» is a large size and is part of the permanent author's series of works «Kisses of the World». This series is the artist's way of conveying to the viewer, through «pictorial kisses,» a sensual «aftertaste» of events, countries, peoples, different cultures, etc. The artist captures the multidimensional-a hologram of feelings and emotions in his picture, which can be slowly studied, viewed, «unwound» like a bundle with secret writings. The whole picture seems to be «woven» from various author's, recognizable and original elements that make the style author's, unique. The picture can be considered abstract, if not for the subtle « hints »of symbolic «images»... I dare to hope that my paintings are written in the style of abstract symbolism and in addition to aesthetic significance, they also have a semantic value.

Работа «Испанский поцелуй /Spanish kiss», Живопись в стиле Абстракционизм, Акрил, Высота 120 см, ширина 160 см.
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