Jacob's ladder, Fragment No. 1, from the cycle «Buffoon's dreams».

Высота 55.8 см, ширина 18.6 см
Наличие рамы: нет
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Год создания: 2018

Описание графического рисунка

Drawing: Graphite, watercolor and ink on Paper.
Original drawing. Graphite, Watercolor, Ink on 300 gr. Hahnemuhle William Turner paper. This work is a triptych which means that you can display the 3 part directly next to each other, with or without margins between the 3 parts. Each part is 18,3 cm wide and 18,3 cm high. This can also be sold framed on request.
Through linear prospect, through three self-sufficient compositions there is a birth of one final composition containing in itself all ideas and elements of own components. I tried to represent consciousness segmentation of the person through an architectural form in its classical display and also its insuperable inclination to an integral image and uniform prospect.

Работа «Jacob's ladder, Fragment No. 1, from the cycle «Buffoon's dreams».», Графика в стиле Реализм, Акварель, Высота 55.8 см, ширина 18.6 см.



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