Высота 840 см, ширина 594 см
Наличие рамы: нет
Наличие паспарту: нет
Год создания: 2017

Описание графического рисунка

I do digital graphics, print my graphics on paper, t-shirts, mugs, make badges, postcards,! This style of drawing helps me to Express my creativity with maximum speed, where, when and on anything) to Anyone who wants to print with my graphics, I send a file for printing.

Poster «Egypt» 2017
The illustration is created on the basis of information on Ancient Egypt. I was struck by antiquity of this civilization, wealth and beauty of art, and also myths and views of these ancient people. The mysteries of Egypt still charm the mystery and spirit of adventures.

Работа «Египет », Графика в стиле Абстракционизм, Тушь, Высота 840 см, ширина 594 см.



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