Медвежья схватка

Высота 12 см, ширина 40 см
Год создания: 2019

Описание скульптуры

Sculpture: Wood, walrus tusk on Wood, Other.

Works are made of bone carving. Carving style of the northern regions and nationalities. Sculptures carved from the bone of a walrus tusk and mammoth tusk adorn the interior design.
The artwork has no copies and is made from real walrus tusk and real mammoth tusk, which is confirmed by the relevant conclusion of the Museum of Art.
This artwork will decorate the design of any living room or private office.

Работа «Медвежья схватка», Скульптура в стиле Реализм, Рельеф, Высота 12 см, ширина 40 см.


животные, медведь, резьба.

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